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Streamlined meetings for productive business outcomes



Unforgettable events tailored to your unique vision.



Elevate industry influence with expert conference management."



Discover memorable destinations through our customized tours.

Welcome to Mice and Tours

Embark on extraordinary journeys with Mice and Tours. Our carefully crafted tours take you to the world’s most enchanting destinations, creating unforgettable travel experiences

Expos Extraordinaire

Step into a world of innovation and inspiration with Mice and Tours Expos. We specialize in organizing exceptional expos that bring together industry leaders, fostering connections, and showcasing the latest trends and technologies. Our expert team ensures every detail is meticulously planned to deliver an unforgettable experience.

  • Networking Excellence: "We create the ideal platform for meaningful connections and partnerships
  • Cutting-Edge Exhibits: "Our expos feature the latest trends and innovations, ensuring a transformative experience for all attendees.

Explore Our Exceptional Tours

Embark on extraordinary journeys with Mice and Tours. Our carefully crafted tours take you to the world's most enchanting destinations, creating unforgettable travel experiences


Nigeria Introductory Tour

Nigeria Introductory Tour

The Tour is an 8 days adventure of Nigeria travelling thorugh the south-west region of Nigeria by road and experiencing Nigeria like a local.

Essential Nigeria

Essential Nigeria

Discover one of Africa’s most vibrant and exciting countries on a trip that will challenge your preconceptions.

Stress less Sao Tome

Stress less Sao Tome

“I want to show you the long way to São Tomé...”So goes the old Cape-verdian song by Cesaria Evora, and it is still very true.

Jewels of the Gulf

Jewels of the Gulf

Today we head to Lambarene located four hours from Libreville. We leave the hotel early in the morning to..

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Transform Your Conferences

Let us help you evolve your industry presence with our tailored conference solutions

Flourish Conference

The theme for this year is surpass. We Expect nothing less than see participants surpass expectations.

Limitless Women Conference 2024

Ladies! We are super excited to have at EVOLVE 2024 The 4th edition of LIMITLESS WOMEN CONFERENCE

Global Tech Africa Conference 2023

Global Tech. Africa (GTA) Conference, a platform designed to bring together African and international stakeholders in Technology..

8th Pride Women Conference

The conference aims to outline strategic objectives and actions for the emotional and material wellbeing of the 21st century woman.

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